Call me crazy but I have added another thing to my list of ways to raise money for our adoption. Introducing…THE CAKE POP! Lately some of you have noticed some pictures of cake pops that I have been doing. Two years ago I started making these for my girls. I learned from my most talented cousin, Megan, who would graciously answer her phone late at night only to hear a panicked girl who could not get her candy to melt properly or couldn’t get the cake to stay on the stick. Let me tell you-these puppies are VERY HARD WORK! I just love the end result, though! So for 2 years I kept trying to master them. I now can say I’m pretty confident that my buyer will love these!

Some of you have messaged me and asked to order some and then maybe jumped when I told you the price. Here’s the thing-these things take all day to do and the cost can be between $20-$30 on my end. I thought that doing these pops would be a great way for people to donate to our adoption and get something beautiful in return for a special event or holiday. But to make them worth my time, I have to charge a minimum donation of $125 for 50 of them and $62.50 for 25 of them. That makes them $2.50 a pop. I will leave you with some I have done in the past.

2013-05-10 17.47.142013-05-10 17.45.41 IMG_3868[1]  IMG_3985[1]    DSCF0479IMG_3981[1] IMG_3978[1]IMG_3979[1]


If you would like to support us in bringing our son home and would like some cute cake pops in return, please email me at shancarew@gmail.com!


About shancarew

Mom of 2 beautiful biological girls and 1 beautiful boy from Ethiopia. I love health and wellness, decorating, fighting for justice, and Jesus.
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