Final Push to Help Bring Our Son Home!

As I type this today we have 3 weeks left until we get on a plane to fly 13 hours to finally meet our son! I cannot tell you how excited I am. I literally can be brought to tears just thinking about it. For one, we obviously get to meet our new beautiful boy and 2; we get to take in the amazing country of Ethiopia! This will be Kenton and I’s first trip to Africa and my first big flight EVER. About 5 hours to DC and then 12 hours to Ethiopia! YIKES! As school and volleyball has started, my husband and I have been challenged in this busy season with getting ready for our trip and coming up with the last minute funds to travel. While Kenton continues to work in the housing business and take most of the responsibilities of the family due to my decision to keep on coaching, I’ve been searching for little openings in my day to get some painting in.  I’ve been thankful that I’ve been able to sell some furniture pieces, paint for others, and now Plexus to get us that much closer to paying cash for our next 2 trips that we have to take. That’s right I said 2 trips. Kenton and I will fly out on October 3rd and arrive in Ethiopia on October 5th. We have court the 9th and then Kenton will travel back on the 14th. I have decided to stay in Ethiopia because my friend, Laura, has a nonprofit called Brighton Their World and she happens to be taking a team to Ethiopia on the 19th. So I will hook up with them as soon as they are in country. I’ve never done a mission’s trip before and Kenton and I just felt like I couldn’t pass up the opportunity since I would already be there.  Laura and her husband started this ministry because of a heartbreaking experience they went through when they started their adoption journey for the first time several years ago. They had a referral for a sweet baby boy whom they decided to name Brighton. Sadly, sweet baby boy Brighton passed away due to malnutrition. Brighton Their World was started in his honor to focus on sending formula to orphanages in Ethiopia. During the week the team is there, we will get to love on precious children in the orphanages that Brighton Their World donates to.  OH MY WORD I am extremely over the moon to be a part of Laura’s team!

I will end up coming home on the 25th. Then we wait for our son’s visa to be processed which should be about 6 weeks after our court date on October 9th. With that said, we are hoping to travel again in November possibly around Thanksgiving.

With only 3 weeks left, we are out of time.  We have been so blessed in the last three years as we pulled off two HUGE garage sales, a Both Hands widows and orphans project, sewing tutus, making cake pops, painting furniture, Kenton’s housing commissions, generous donations from friends and family and now Plexus to have exactly what we need as the next payment was due.  At this point we estimate that we have about $5,000 left to come up with. It may be less depending on how long we have to stay in country the 2nd trip and how much our plane tickets will cost the 2nd time around. Considering that when we started, we had an estimate of $30,000 to come up with, we think $5,000 is pretty awesome! It has been amazing to see God’s faithfulness during this entire process! I keep dreaming of being able to write a check to another adoptive couple trying so hard to come up with the funds in hopes to bring their child home as so many others have done so for us. With that said we are simply asking if you would think and pray about making a tax deductible donation into our adoption account. Please click on the link below to donate. Thank you, friends! We are so close! In just 3 weeks I will get to share the most beautiful boy EVER with you! AS soon as we past court, you will get to see his sweet handsome face!


About shancarew

Mom of 2 beautiful biological girls and 1 beautiful boy from Ethiopia. I love health and wellness, decorating, fighting for justice, and Jesus.
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