The moment I’ve been dreaming about for over 3 years

Hey friends,
Our time so far has been pretty awesome. Yesterday we tagged along with another guest here to church and lunch. I’m so glad we did! Loved worshiping with such passionate people! Nardi, our guest house director, is wonderful. She cares so much about our happiness and you can tell with every little detail she has put into this home, and how she makes sure we have full and happy bellies. She is a young woman who said God’s grace and mercies has allowed her to run this successful business. I’m excited to get to know her. She said when Kenton leaves that she and I will have a lot of fun because I will be her only guest 🙂
This morning we woke up with excitement! The day we have been fantasizing about for 3 years was finally here.  Today we got to finally meet our son! After an hour drive across Addis, we finally got to the orphanage. They took us into a little room and we waited. Soon about 4 staff members came in with one of them holding the most precious boy I HAVE EVER seen. The nannies were all smiles from ear to ear. They spoke no English, but I heard them call us mommy and daddy and  hearing them say his name warmed my heart. We learned that the Y is actually silent. And I just realized that we haven’t really gone public with his name. His birth name, which we are keeping, Yabsira and it means work of God. One nanny sat down with Yabsira and the other staff member expressed to us that Yabsira loves that particular nanny. Oh my heart! I could tell that this woman has been taking such good care of our boy as if he were her own. We tried to interact with him by pulling out different toys and a picture book. He looked at a picture of our family and then looked at us with the most confused expression. We then gave him a toy that lights up and plays music when a button is pushed. He loved that. Several times the nanny would say “mommy” and point to me. She would try to put him down but he quickly climbed back into her lap. At one point she pulled my head down to his head so Yabisra and I would be cheek to cheek, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with me being close at all. So we kept telling her it was ok and we started playing silly games with a ball that lights up when bounced. We let him bounce it on our heads to make it light. After about 45 minutes, we could tell he was getting sleepy and sure enough he fell asleep right in front of us. He snuggled into his nanny and allowed himself to rest. I took her hand, with tears in my eyes, and said thank you and that I loved him. She told me one of the pictures that our agency gave us of him on a nanny’s lap was her. As tears rolled down her face, she took part of her scarf that was wrapped around her and covered part of him as he rested well in her arms and then kissed him on his head. I know that this is going to hurt so deeply for she and Yabisra. They have a bond that is very special and their hearts will be broken. Just another example of how adoption is full of brokenness. I wish I could tell her that we would be back to visit every year, but we know that is just not realistic. The only thing I can commit to is making sure she gets photos and updates on him as much as possible, but to me it doesn’t seem like that is enough for as much has she has done for him. I learned a lot from her today. I learned how to love so big even when it means there is definite heartache in the end. I could tell she was so excited about him finally having a mommy and daddy which gives you a glimpse of the love this woman has in her heart. So I left a little sad thinking about everyone’s hearts soon to be severed involved in this process. Will you please say some prayers for Yabsira and his nanny?
We ended today with tours of a huge church, museum, Ethiopian food, and a nap. Tomorrow we will arise early to meet our boy again.


About shancarew

Mom of 2 beautiful biological girls and 1 beautiful boy from Ethiopia. I love health and wellness, decorating, fighting for justice, and Jesus.
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