Homecoming and Big Surprises at Home!


There are 4 moments since we started the adoption that I could not wait to experience. Our referral, 1st time meeting my son, checking my son out of his orphanage, and our homecoming. Yesterday was simply beautiful. The emotion that I was feeling when our plane landed in Denver brought such a great amount of tears, joy, and relief. My sweet friend, Becky with Good Photo captured our moment when Kenton and I got to introduce Yabsira to Isabel, Adeline, and the rest of our friends and family.


This was the moment when the girls saw him for the first time. Priceless.


YabsiraHomecoming_0018YabsiraHomecoming_0019 YabsiraHomecoming_0020YabsiraHomecoming_0023 YabsiraHomecoming_0026YabsiraHomecoming_0028YabsiraHomecoming_0029 YabsiraHomecoming_0030YabsiraHomecoming_0031 YabsiraHomecoming_0032YabsiraHomecoming_0033

Meeting uncle Ryan.


Grandma’s turn.

YabsiraHomecoming_0037YabsiraHomecoming_0039 YabsiraHomecoming_0040YabsiraHomecoming_0041 YabsiraHomecoming_0042YabsiraHomecoming_0045YabsiraHomecoming_0047

Meeting Beckys’s son who is also from Ethiopia.


So relieved to be in daddy’s arms again.


Meeting Aunt Heather and cousin Avery.

YabsiraHomecoming_0061YabsiraHomecoming_0065YabsiraHomecoming_0068 YabsiraHomecoming_0069YabsiraHomecoming_0053

Family of 5. My heart is happy!

As we left the airport, I looked at my husband with tears in my eyes after seeing my 3 kiddos buckled in our car, and said “we did it!”

We stopped at my sister’s on the way home to eat some yummy soup she made and Yabsira did so well-making his silly faces causing laughter to everyone around.

We finally made it home and as I pulled up to our house, I noticed that our huge pile of mulch that we’ve had in the driveway since the beginning of the summer was gone. I looked over to our front yard that has been dirt and a mess since we moved in, and gasped! I couldn’t believe what I saw! Our yard was landscaped! All but grass. While we were gone our friends came to our house, drew up a plan for our yard, pulled a tree stump, placed rock, mulch, edging, and sprinklers in our yard. WHAT??!! Who does that? And it doesn’t stop there. We walked into the garage and it was completely clean. They got rid of things I didn’t need anymore, sold furniture that I knew I wouldn’t be able to paint, and made it so our car would be able to fit. Blown away. My friends sure know how to love big. Thank you thank you thank you, Jon and Becca Day, Amy and Kyle Kelly, Jen and Jonathan Bolton, and Mike and Michelle Heath.

Today on this Thanksgiving day, I am overwhelmed with joy and full of gratitude. The love and support shown to us by our friends and family during our journey has been unimaginable. I am completely humbled. Thank you Jesus for showing up big in our story.


About shancarew

Mom of 2 beautiful biological girls and 1 beautiful boy from Ethiopia. I love health and wellness, decorating, fighting for justice, and Jesus.
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2 Responses to Homecoming and Big Surprises at Home!

  1. SarahJ says:

    Ha.le.lu.jah.!!!!! I’m so excited for you and will be praying for the coming weeks a he processes his losses and gains in his little heart. Praying for you too, to know how to respond in love.

  2. cheri meyer says:

    Beautiful journey-I have cried many times in the past month over what you have been going through. What a story! AND YOUR FRIENDS!!!!! WOW! What a huge gift to come home to-Thank you friends for taking care of our family through all of this! Praise God!

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